The RXePro is a Smart Home Gateway/Hub that integrates all of the Medical Devices in the patient’s house by using a 100% touch-free Bluetooth Syncing Process.
The RXePro helps monitor chronic care patients by providing a complete picture of overall well-being as well as providing emergency prevention tools by using our fully automated Trigger & Alerts System.
The RXePro is fully reimbursable by both Medicare and Medicaid.


The Transitional Care Management (TCM) concept is for the physician, which includes an MD, DO, and non-physician practitioners like Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Clinical Nurse Specialists or Clinical Nurse Midwives, to oversee.
The goal of TCM is to avoid having the patient readmitted to a hospital. The components include interactive contact, certain non-face-to-face services and face-to-face visits.


Your patients will feel safe knowing that help is just the push of a button away. The emergency response feature still maintains its classic functionality but with a new seamless look.


According to the latest survey of state laws and policies by the American Telemedicine Association, four out of every five US states have moved to improve Telehealth coverage or reimbursement over the past two years. But like so many other reports issued during that time, the ATA analysis found that each state is doing its own thing with connected care, so that a healthcare provider.
The release of the 2019 Physician Fee Schedule Rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services opened more doors for the use of remote patient monitoring in hospitals and health systems still operating in a fee-for-service financial model. In the rule, CMS released three new codes that support reimbursement for remote monitoring programs, offering providers a way to deploy programs and see financial return.


How Does It Work for Practices?

The RXePro makes disease management and patient engagement more effective and efficient.

We do this by leveraging a virtual platform for provider collaboration that assesses patient status and provides a consistent program for monitoring patient care. RXePro Pathways pulls data from patients wherever they are through their mobile digital devices or at-home remote monitoring kits. This provides actionable insights to clinical staff for timely care interventions. RXePro addresses the health needs of healthy, rising-risk, and high-risk patients, driving stronger adherence rates that improve population health, improve patient satisfaction, and drives additional revenue to your organization.


RXePro offers an intuitive and easy-to-use toolset that continually engages patients, drives positive behavior, and enables timely clinical intervention for effective chronic disease management.


Connected Care blends a patient-centered approach with the best technology available. Population analytics and intelligent algorithms, which can be integrated with EHRs, allow practices to risk-stratify their populations and decide where to focus their efforts.


RXePro Health begins with over 90 disease-specific clinical protocols that can be easily modified for each patient’s conditions and comorbidities.


RXePro Health has the best track record of engagement in healthcare. As a result, our connected care solution is able to collect large stores of data on patients
which can be aggregated and analyzed to improve patient panel health, report on quality and power bundled care and quality programs.


Informed patients are more engaged patients. RXePro’s expanding and easy-to-use content library educates and empowers patients while improving health literacy. Content creation and delivery is drag-and-drop easy in our solutions.


The value of the video visit to clinical decision making cannot be over-emphasized. The ability to see the patient while assessing their clinical condition via video visit is key to success of the virtual care center.

Patients can use the RXePro solution for one-touch video conferencing with care managers and providers when they want to be seen and on their device of choice.

We make it easy to earn from Remote Patient Monitoring programs that enable better care and services

Our easy-to-use software and hardware products and our pricing model is designed to be highly profitable with no upfront cost or risk.

Learn how you can generate up to $400k + in additional practice revenue.* per year with Remote Patient Monitoring!

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