Orders can be submitted online via our website, fax, email or over the phone.


Fax/email the doctor’s orders (requisition) and insurance card/s (both sides). (We suggest that you always call to get confirmation that we received the fax so that scheduling a patient will not be delayed.)
Use the contact form (you must remember to still fax/email over any orders and please call for confirmation or your scheduled time will not be valid.) Call us if you have any questions.
Prepare for your blood test, as advised by your doctor (whether you need to fast or drink plenty of water). If you need to fast, you will want to schedule an early appointment.

  • Fill out all paperwork with patient information needed for kit draws and/or lab requisitions and FAX/email to us along with front and back of insurance card. All orders must also include the patient’s name, date of birth, gender, address, phone number and insurance information as well as the physician’s name, address, phone number, fax number and signature. Please make sure to include the name and test code for each test being requested.

    *Any order missing any of this information will be delayed and may not be processed.
  • We call the patient to schedule an appointment to go to their home or business. Patients are contacted the night before the draw to confirm the appointment and provide a window in which to expect the technician.
  • Confirmation of the appointment date and time is faxed/emailed back to the doctor’s office once the set-up is complete.
  • Completed draws are delivered to the designated lab.
  • Test results are then sent directly to the doctor’s office from the lab.

Routinely, we prefer orders by 3:00 pm the day before collection, but high-priority draws can often be added to the daily schedule. Please call us for details.

Yes. RXePro’s Mobile Phlebotomy Services commonly accepts and manages standing orders for these tests.

Yes. Please call to check availability of same day specimen pickups.

Yes. RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services can provide urine collection supplies for patients, facilities, and mobile healthcare providers. Call for more information.


Sending your orders as far in advance as possible will ensure your draws/collections are scheduled for the date they are needed. Normally, requisitions received by 3:00 pm, are fulfilled the following day.

As early as you need them, usually before breakfast.

Due to collection requirements for many laboratory kits and tests, it is highly recommended that blood collection services be performed prior to 3 p.m. However, we DO provide service after 3:00pm

Yes. All next-day requests received by 3:00 pm will be put on the schedule for collection on the next business day. Incomplete or inaccurate orders will require extra time and communication, and may not make the schedule for the following business day.

Yes. RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services does provide an emergency same-day or same-day STAT service. Please fax/email and call to alert us of urgent blood draws. Please make doctor’s orders and lab paperwork ready before the phlebotomist arrives.

There is $15 additional charge for same-day service or same-day STAT service. However, there is an additional charge for STAT orders to any weekend draw needed.

Yes. We do provide weekend service. Please call us with the details.

No. Kit collections cannot be performed on Saturdays and Sundays since shipping is not available through most major courier services.

In many cases, complete and accurate orders can be added to the Monday collection schedule. In the event RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services is not able to add weekend orders into the Monday collection schedule, RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services will schedule those orders for Tuesday collection.


Once the patient has been put on the collection schedule, RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services calls the patient, or the patient’s living facility, the night before the scheduled collection to coordinate RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services visit.

RXePro’s Mobile Phlebotomy Services makes every attempt to have contact with the patients prior to the draw. We do not show unless we have made verbal contact with the patient the night before or morning of the scheduled blood draw.

(or phlebotomist is unable to collect the specimen due to: (the patient refuses, fasting blood draw was scheduled but the patient ate food, the patient did not drink plenty of water, the patient gets taken to the hospital after they have ordered STAT blood work or not available to be drawn etc.)


Yes. We process and handle per your designated laboratory’s specimen requirements. All specimens are processed (centrifuging, aliquoting and freezing) under the protocol required.


Yes. We ship your specimen/s to preferred laboratory. Provide us with the laboratory name and your account number, and we will deliver the specimens at no extra charge. We deliver your specimens to the local lab or shipping via FedEx, UPS, etc.


No. RXePro’s Mobile Phlebotomy Services does not accept insurance for any of our services. However, insurance information will be collected at the time of service to submit with the specimen for lab testing. RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services is a private pay service. Specimen collection services are provided and billed by RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services. Laboratory testing is billed through your insurance.


Results are sent directly to ordering doctor. Processing time is usually 2 to 3 business days. Some tests can take up to a week. You should discuss special testing kits with your doctor. In the event that your doctor did not receive results, it is the responsibility of the Doctor office to get in touch with the lab. Most of the time they have an account with the labs.


RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services accepts all major credit cards through PayPal. Credit card information will need to be provided at the time the appointment is scheduled. Fees may vary depending on service area and processing and handling of specimen.


No. RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services is not affiliated with any laboratories. RXePro’s Phlebotomy Services is an independent convenience service.