The services that are provided by our company includes the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) that gives therapeutic advantages to the customer as in particular medical conditions or the diseases that can used consistently, is particularly and conventionally utilized to serve a medical resolution, and is relevant for utilization in the home. The services provided are;
1. Durable
2. Utilized for medical purpose
3. Not generally beneficial to someone who doesn’t have any illness or injury
4. Utilized in the homes
Gives the guarantee of at least 3 years

Moreover, our company provides the flexibility and mobility to the individuals having injuries or pain in order to comfortable their lives. DME products including Braces for the knee, shoulder and back, Cast Cooler and Cast Covers for arms and legs, Pneumatic Armband, Walker, Wheelchairs, Bath chairs, Cane and Compressions. Our company also provides the professional health consultancy services by consulting the orthopaedic patients through our orthopaedic specialists.

What we do?

RXePro Medical Group provides the best quality DME products and the goal behind it is the uniqueness of each product. We supply our trained specialists to consult you, train and educate you and heal you up by our comfortable products. The products we are supplying have gone through the safety needs such as sterilizing by high temperature. The products are made of the best quality material that having extreme durability, are resistant to high and low temperature, absenting corrosion and are less in weight. The manufacturing and processing are done by highly trained professionals in our company that have a big knowledge of the manufacturing of these instruments and products that are used for the medical care in the hospitals and homes.

Mission of the company

The mission of the company is to meet the requirements of the RXePro Medical Group patients and make their lives easy and comfortable. Also, our company have the goal to consult the RXePro Medical Group patients, train and teach them about their injury or disease, to guide them about preventions and provide them support and comfort by our DME products that can be used even in the homes as well as in hospitals, medical care clinics etc. We provide our DME products to the individuals, hospitals, medical clinics and in other areas where they are needed efficiently. To provide good healthcare to the RXePro Medical Group patients and the DME products that are reliable and comfortable is the main goal of our company.